Potential of active impacts on the lightning

Длина встречного лидера, м - Opposed leader length, m
Длительность импульса, мкс - Pulse duration, μs
Высота стержня 30 м - Rod height 30 m
Амплитуда импульса 5 МВ - Pulse amplitude 5 MV

A positive answer to the question on the possibility to control lightning does not cause any doubts. Using Russian pulse current generators intended for external installation, we can not only deviate the downward lightning in the desired direction but also excite the upward lightning from structures of typical height in a manner similar to a small rocket quickly rising the grounded wire at 200-300 m (trigger lightnings). The issue is in the reliable estimation of the voltage magnitude and pulse duration, which is required for control. Theoretically, the task is detailed and supported by all the required software. Thus, the computer modelling has shown that in order to excite a full-bodied upward lightning from the electrode 30 m high (typical height of the pulse current generator in an open air) in the electrical field of the thunderstorm atmosphere 20 kV/m, voltage of approx. 5 MV will be required with the pulse duration being close to 5 ms. These are possible parameters for modern high-voltage stands, when you do not need to worry about their dimensions.

The results of computer modelling provided in the figure allow assessing how the length of the formed opposite leader varies along with the reduction in the duration of the control pulse with the magnitude 5 MV.

Read more details in the article by Prof. E. M. Bazelyan How Does A Lightning Orient and Can We Control This?.

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