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Dear friends, today in the category "Interview with The ZANDZ Club of Experts" we publish a conversation with our long-term partner and friend, the head of the company " GroundZ" Evgeniy Nechitaev . Our interlocutor is the co-owner of the largest online store that sales and installas grounding and lightning protection devices.
In this dialogue we discussed the difficulties the installers face at the facilities, as well as practical advice helping to cope with them. The experience of colleagues and the right advice from the masters of their craft will allow to avoid mistakes in your future work. But first, let's get acquainted with the organization "GroundZ".
  • Evgeniy Anatolyevich, please tell us a little about the kind of activity of your company.
  • We work in the sphere of installation of grounding and lightning protection systems for a variety of devices and systems used in various fields and sectors. The works are held daily. For example, we made grounding for hospitals: MRT unit and X-ray machines. We also carry out sale and delivery of materials through the online store. The majority of our customers are located in Moscow and Moscow region, as well as the surrounding areas. Here you can see the screenshot of a map of grounding performed by "GroundZ.
  • Please tell us more about the grounding project for MRT units.
  • Installation of grounding for a MRT unit was performed in the City Clinical Hospital №7. The hospital is a huge building with the basement depth of 2-3 floors below the ground level. It was necessary to achieve the value of not more than 2 ohms. When we started to bury the rods, at the depth of 4 meters we tan into something and had to retreat. We started the work again, but again ran into something and had to retreat again. Fortunately, the basement was roughly straight and very long. The task was carried out by the organization of a three-cluster grounding device with the depth of electrodes 6 meters each. In the end, the result was achieved, but the installation was very memorable.

The final resistance for MRT at the City Clinical Hospital №7
The final resistance for MRT at the City Clinical Hospital №7

Evgeniy Anatolyevich is supervising installers team and believes that each object is unique in its kind. The experience of its staff, enables us to find a way out from any non-standard situation. On the question of whether there are often unattainable objects, our expert said that not so often. But he said that there were situations when the client object was completely in marble, and the grounding had to be held in the basement of the cottage. In such cases, the decision to install is up to the customer, because it is practically impossible to implement grounding without damaging the exterior. Therefore, Evgeniy Anatolyevich recommends to schedule the installation of grounding before the interior finishing.

  • How do you promote your business? What advertising do you use?
  • Basically, online advertising and "word of mouth". The details of the calculation of grounding for single-family houses are obtained over the phone, and for organizations - our specialists goes to the facility. When people see quality work, work well done and excellent results, they usually recommend us to their neighbours and friends.

Evgeniy Anatolyevich informed that as concerns calculation of lightning protection, it begins with the study of the project and pictures, and then a specialist goes to the facility for a final approval of specifications and work volumes. The company "GroundZ" has been existing for four years and cooperation with ZANDZ takes place over the entire period from its foundation.

Photos during installation of ZANDZ grounding
Photos during installation of ZANDZ grounding

  • What do you think is the most difficult in the installer's work?
  • This is a philosophical question. Something for one organization may seem very simple, but for others, it will be difficult. When you work on standards and rules, everything is much easier, so our advice: read EIC! For us, every project is interesting, we are happy to cooperate with all interested individuals and organizations.
  • What would you recommend to the construction electricians of grounding and lightning protection?
  • Recommend and mount for your customers only what you would have installed on your home, in your organization. Do not overstate and don't dump prices in the market. Do it for a full due!

This material is based on a written reply to a list of questions about design of grounding and lightning protection. Answers are given at no charge. project would like to thank Eugeniy Anatolyevich Nechitaev for providing answers to questions. Get more useful information from the experts responsible for the installation of grounding and lightning protection systems.

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