Grounding in a single family house Bestseller of 2013-2014!

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Twenty years ago, when it became necessary to install grounding, most of the owners of cottages, villas, private houses used steel angles, buckets and even old metal spring beds, buried near the house.

Undoubtedly, all of these "ground systems" are hack-work and they are unlikely to last for more than 5 years, which can lead to tragic consequences.

Modern grounding is available for everybody. ZANDZ grounding kit for a single-family house (ZZ-6) has been a bestseller for the second year. Many articles, reviews and feedbacks of the satisfied customers are devoted to the installation of this kit.

Grounding in a single family house Bestseller of 2013-2014

Why this kit is so attractive for modern people? We offer you a description of the advantages of a grounding kit in a single family house:

1. Ready kit

The kit consists of the following elements:

  • Copper-bonded clutchless grounding pin (D17 mm / L1,5 m), 4 pieces
  • Driving head for sledge-hammer mounting, 1 piece
  • Grounding clamp, 1 piece

The kit contains all the necessary elements for the installation of a reliable grounding in a single-family house. Additional materials that may be needed: grounding conductor and sledgehammer. 

2. Simple installation

The kit is mounted by a conventional sledgehammer that almost every builder or private house owner has. NO WELDING IS NEEDED - it is a huge advantage of the kit over, say, steel angles, mounting which you need to have the skills of the welder and the welding machine itself.

The entire installation process of ZZ-6 kit takes up to one hour (usually 30 minutes), and it means that you do not need to spend all day in order to establish a reliable grounding of the house.

Installation video

3. High-quality materials

The main element of the kit - pin 1.5 m long with a thick copper coating (for maximum service life). Coating cleanness 99.9% and thickness of not less than 0.250 mm, which makes an inseparable molecular compound with steel. This coating characterizes mechanical durability of the coating - while diving the pin and it is subject to friction and scratching by the solid elements in the ground, so that the thickness of the copper decreases, which undoubtedly favorably affects the service life of the ground electrode. Read more about copper plating technology.

In addition to these advantages we should also noted packaging - all the parts are packed in a handy box with a handle for easy transportation to the facility. 

Read more about the Grounding in a private house kit (ZZ-6) and about the restrictions of its application on a separate page.


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