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Dear partners - Experts of the ZANDZ club!

We updated our website and added new useful and interesting feature - "Service order"!

We updated our website and added new useful and interesting feature -

With the new functionality, site visitors - Customers will place orders for holding works they need, such as: project development, installation of equipment, measurements.

An Expert (you) can respond to the request, see the list of applications received in your personal account, hold dialogues with the customers to precise all the necessary details.

Customers can limit their applications by the region and Experts' rating. Thus, increasing the rating, you increase the number of available Orders.

Remember to increase the rating it is necessary to make quite a few simple steps:

  • maximally fill in your personal page (page of your organization);
  • create reports on earlier performed works and upload photos of them;
  • be responsible for the fulfillment of Orders.

To make changes on the personal page, do the following:

1. Login to your personal account, using the function "Personal account login" (in the upper right corner of the site). Login is your e-mail specified at the registration (and then on your page). You can set the initial password using the function «Forgot Password?"

Login to your personal account

2. Edit information about your organization in the section "ABOUT EXPERT": name, address of salesrooms, contacts and operating hours. Set the required marks such as "Installation" / "Sale" and add all kinds of rendered services to the section "Additional services".

Edit information about your organization

3. Add photos and a brief description of the performed installaton into the section "WORKS" - customers are more likely to trust those who have a described experience.

Add photos and a brief description of the performed

4. Upload the available certificates (for example, certificate of electrical laboratory or branded certificate) into the section "ACHIEVEMENTS" - ​​it will confirm the reliability of your company to the customers.

Upload the available certificates

5. After making changes do not forget to click "Save". 

Use this manual to get new orders today!


Need advice on managng your personal account? Call us at +7 (495) 927-0257, ext. 504 or write an e-mail (

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