Video of the webinar "Assessing Lightning Pulse Impact on Human"

Video of the webinar Assessing Lightning Pulse Impact on Human

Оценка воздействия импульса молнии на человека - Assessing Lightning Pulse Effect on Humans
2 августа 2023 - August 2, 2023

On August 2, 2023, a webinar was held with the participation of D.Sc. (Eng.), Prof. Eduard M. Bazelyan.

The lightning is the most powerful natural source of the pulse current and, hence, the electromagnetic interference.  Any equipment should be tested for effects in order to determine the highest level of danger.  This is not an easy experimentation. To perform the work, you need a costly testing bench and special test mock-ups. Non-living mock-ups. During the test, they can be destroyed or re-tested, when necessary.

However, a living creature is also an object of lightning. Talking about humans, it is another matter altogether. They should not be damaged during tests, which means that, under many important conditions, they cannot be the tested object.   One can try to conduct model tests at reduced voltage and then extrapolate the results. This provides good results in the systems close to linear. But human beings are a dramatically non-linear system. The human body resistance may vary within several orders of magnitude depending on the conditions. It is hard to rely on luck here. And there is no other way out. The decision should be made today and without fundamental error.

The webinar held on the effect of a strong although short-term pulse voltage on humans allows assessing the danger for life. Reliability in determining the hazardous threshold of touch and impulse voltages in the microsecond time interval is crucial in this situation. Human protection is no less important than the protection of the most state-of-the-art equipment. Of course, not everything will be found out immediately, but it is impossible to delay any longer.

Speaker: E. M. Bazelyan, Dr. Sc. (Eng.), professor; Krzhizhanovsky Energy Institute, Moscow.

E. M. Bazelyan


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