Thirty-One Upward Leaders! A rare video of a lightning strike!

Marcelo M. F. Saba, Diego Rhamon R. da Silva, John G. Pantuso, Caitano L. da Silva.

A group of researchers from the Brazil National Institute for Space Research (INPE) headed by Marcelo Saba and Diego Rhamon, could obtain unique photos of a lightning strike to a residential complex in San-Jose-dos-Campos (Brazil).

The 40,000 fps high-speed camera video clearly shows how lightning discharges behave.

A large number of opposed upward leaders starting from buildings make this video very unusual. After meeting one of them, the downward leader forms a lightning channel. Such a number of upward leaders may be due to a high energy of a leader heading the ground.

After analyzing the video, the researchers could note that negative leaders are significantly branched and develop at the order of magnitude faster than the positive ones. And upward positive leaders distribute almost in a straight fashion.

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