Video record of the webinar "Lightning Protection for High-Rise Building as well as for People and Equipment Located on Their Roofs"

Video record of the webinar

9 ноября 2022 - November 9, 2022
Молниезащита высотных зданий, а также людей и оборудования на их крышах - Lightning Protection for High-Rise Building as well as for People and Equipment Located on Their Roofs

During the webinar, we will provide a review of techniques and solutions for practical lightning protection to consider the specifics of upward lightning development. We will consider physical factors affecting the efficiency of technical solutions and provide recommendations for the lightning protection arrangement on the roof of a high-rise building.

High-rise buildings became common in our cities long ago. As we get more of them, suggestions to operate roofs of such buildings are coming in. It is a very attractive idea: to place a part of the engineering equipment of the modern building on the roof. Moreover, the roof can even be used by people. Restaurants, SPA centers, playgrounds are only some examples offered by the customers of designers.

However, such attempts often fail due to imperfect Russian regulatory framework in terms of providing efficient lightning protection.

Lightning strike frequency grows along with the building height. This is an experimentally confirmed fact. The building up to 200 m high gets a strike 2 to 3 times a year (in Russia). Then, the frequency of lightning discharges hazardous for the building grows due to upward lightnings. Their emergence and development mechanism have a different physical nature compared to downward lightnings. It is not studied well today, especially when we are talking about the start location choice mechanism on the roof.

In regulatory documents for lightning protection, the features of upward lightnings are not considered at all. The recently introduced GOST 59789 (IEC 62305-3.2010) prescribes, without any evidence, to use methods for calculation of lightning arrester efficiency that do not depend on the structure height or lightning type.

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