ZANDZ Modular Grounding Sets: High Quality to Price Ratio!

ZANDZ Modular Grounding Sets: High Quality to Price Ratio! 

It is very easy to create high-quality grounding using ZANDZ modular grounding sets made of copper-plated steel. A range of available sets allows selecting a suitable solution for any soil types excluding permafrost and rocky. The protective grounding as well as grounding for medical, industrial, recording, telecom, laboratory, aviation, mining equipment is a typical task for the ZANDZ sets.

Each set includes all tools required to install a long-term grounding. The main element of any ZANDZ modular grounding set is a robust steel rod having a 250 mcm copper coating. Its protective coating thickness applied by an electrolytic deposition method allows increasing the earthing operating period from 30 to 100 years depending on the soil aggressiveness. Durable couplings made of a special brass type delivered with the set, and a clamp for connecting the grounding conductor are completely protected from soil corrosion. An additionally selected fitting allows simplifying the earthing system installation using a SDS-max perforating device.

You can install the earthing system not only in an open soil but also if you have minimum available space, e.g. in the basement or in a pit of the asphalted site. To provide convenient access to the top of the installed ground terminal, a ZANDZ inspection well is used which is designed for the load of 5,000 kg and harsh operating conditions.

In addition to the sets, flexible grounding conductors press-fitted with tips for convenient connection to the grounding bus in the electric panel can also be used. Their length varies from three to twenty meters. Several sets can be combined using a steel copper-plated bar 30 x 4 mm.

The composition of each set is provided in the table below.

ZANDZ grounding set ZZ-6s / ZZ-6t ZZ-000-015 ZZ-000-030 ZZ-000-045 ZZ-000-424 ZZ-000-636
Copper-plated grounding rod 4/4 10 20 30 16 24
Connective coupling for rods 4/4 10 20 16 16 24
Kick-off tip 1/1 3 3 15 4 16
Guide head 1/1 2 3 5 3 3
Connection clamp 1 3 3 15 4 6
Conductive grease - 1 1 1 1 1
Waterproof tape - 1 1 5 1 2
Jackhammer attachment - / 1 1 1 1 1 1
Estimated resistances in 100 Ohm*m soil 18 Ohm 9 Ohm 5 Ohm 3,2 Ohm 6,9 Ohm 5,4 Ohm
Recommended configuration of a ground terminal Single electrode 6 m Single electrode 15 m, 3 electrodes 4.5 + 4.5 + 6 m Single electrode 30 m, 3 electrodes 10.5 + 10.5 + 9 m 15 x 3 m electrodes 4 x 6 m electrodes 6 x 6 m electrodes

Are you selling the equipment or professionally installing electrical equipment? We are ready to offer special conditions for the ZANDZ partners which allow making a decision with ease.

If you need help in choosing the suitable set or a free individual grounding calculation, contact ZANDZ Technical Center!

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