Hurry up to register for webinar 2 with Dr. M. Loboda (Poland), which will take place on March 4 at 11.00 Moscow time!

At this meeting we will focus on the second part of the international standard IEC (IEC) 62305 - "Risk Management, IEC 62305-2".

IEC 62305 states general principles of lightning protection of buildings and their elements, as well as people  and utility networks inside the buildings (structures) and other facilities.

The webinar is divided into 4 blocks, 15 minutes for each report. After each block we provide some time for questions from the participants of the webinar. 

Do not miss the chance to ask your question to the leading expert in lightning protection!

New meeting - new knowledge!

Audience: designers, electricians, maintenance services professionals, builders etc.
Location: Online (requires access to Internet from your computer).
Price: free of charge!
Duration: 90 minutes. 

Dr. Marek Loboda

Dr. Marek Loboda is the author of over 150 publications on lightning protection, as well as a member of the Commission on development of IEC.

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