We might think that to protect people and buildings from lightning it is enough to install the external lightning protection system consisting of traditional lightning rods and down conductors. However, such systems cannot guarantee 100% protection. For complete protection the solutions will be a lot more expensive than the standard ones. But we remember that the economic feasibility is an important factor of lightning protection. Perhaps it is easier just to "hide" from lightning when it starts? But how can we determine whether the storm happens or not and to get ready for it in advance?

Is warning the best defense?

But ready-made solutions solving this problem have existed for a long time. The  warning system Thor Guard is one of them, and now it is widely used all over the world.

For example, in the city of Dublin this system is installed in many parks, campuses and in golf fields. The system does not detect storms, but it predicts them long before they start. 

Special sensors in devices Thor Guard analyze the atmosphere within 15 kilometers and trigger an alarm signal upon detection of thunderclouds. Thor Guard detects thunderstorms 20-30 minutes before it starts, which means that people have enough time to escape.

Watch the video (eng.) to learn how it works.

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