SDPs unvarnished

The text in a good catalogue is correct but it does not contain all the truth. It urges us to buy and is therefore not obliged to justify the possibility of refusal to buy. In this respect, SDP catalogues are not an exception. There is something to think about here. The price of some devices is close to hundred thousand RUB. Saving is good, especially a clever saving. The consumer should clearly understand the aim of the SDP installation and know well the catalogue materials at least to distinguish advertising from actual initial data. Only this way, keeping the advertising information under control, you can choose a really necessary device that can reliably and without any unreasonable cost solve your particular problem.

Even a large article can hardly provide definitive instructions to choose SDPs. The tasks solved by SDPs are too diverse as well as the conditions they should operate in. The article titled SDPs Unvarnished will help the reader to look through any catalogue with eyes wide open and highlight the information you really need to solve the issues while avoiding any advertising "decorations."

Read more details in the article by Prof. E. M. Bazelyan SDPs Unvarnished.

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