Lightning protection in Tadzhikistan: standards that conquer mountain peaks

The former republics of the USSR located in Central Asia are a promising market for Russian companies. After the collapse of the USSR, their fate was different. Some became almost new "Asian tigers", some lead a more modest existence. Nevertheless, such poor countries may be of interest to business. The most obvious example is Tadjikistan.

The history of Tadjikistan counts not even centuries, but millennia. For the first time the Tadjik state appeared before our era. For its time, it had advanced science and culture. But in the XIV century, the territory of Tadjikistan was captured by the troops of Tamerlane, which cut the country off development for many years ago.

The Northern regions of modern Tadjikistan became part of the Russian Empire back in 1860. In 1924, Tadjikistan became part of the USSR, being part of the Uzbek SSR as an autonomous republic. Five years later, the Tadjik ASSR was transformed into the Tadjik SSR. With the collapse of the USSR in 1991, an independent Republic of Tadjikistan was formed.

In the post-Soviet years, Russia repeatedly provided Tadjikistan with military and economic assistance. In addition, the strengthening of good relations between our countries contributes to such an ambiguously perceived fact by many, as the presence of a large number of Tadjik citizens working in Russia. All this provides a friendly environment for Russian business and the absence of a language barrier.

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