Installation of electrolytic grounding circuit for a DPC in Yekaterinburg

We continue to show the site visitors real implemented projects on grounding and lightning protection with the use of our equipment.

Picture 1. Vertical ground electrode ZZ-100-102-9МВ. Picture 2. GALMAR copper-bonded tape (30х4 mm).

Our partner "Business TELEKOM" LLC" was a subcontractor in the construction of a DPC in Yekaterinburg. One of the most important elements of a data center is grounding. According to the project, the installation of two circuits at once was envisaged: protective grounding circuit and measuring grounding circuit. The calculated resistance to round electrode current spreading should not exceed more than 4 ohms.

                          Picture 3. Near-electrode filler.                                             Picture 4. Installation of a ground electrode.

Due to the limited installation area, the only option was to install an electrolytic grounding system. The main element of the circuit is a vertical electrode 9 m long ZANDZ ZZ-100-102-9МВ. 5 electrodes were mounted in total. A copper-bonded GALMAR  tape (30x4 mm) was used to connect the electrodes. As a result, the control measurement of resistance showed the result of 0.4 ohms. After the installation, the customer was provided with a protocol for measuring resistance and a passport for the grounding device.

          Picture5. Installation of a grounding electrode.                                              Picture 6. ЗGround work.

        Picture 7. Installed ground electrode.                                           Picture 8. Ground electrode with a near-electrode filler.

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