Straightening device

Product item: ZZ-510-900

The straightening device is used for straightening wire with a diameter from 6 to 10 mm and the grounding tape with a width of 20 to 45 mm and a thickness of 3 to 4 mm. It is used in the organization of external lightning protection and grounding systems.

Universal device for straightening ZZ-510-700 includes 7 rollers, which allow to stretch the wire with a diameter of 6 to 10 mm and the ground tape of dimensions from 20 *3 to 45 * 4 mm without excessive curves. Thanks to the closed system, all rollers are driven simultaneously and easily respond to the slightest effort. At the excessive pressure on the device handle, jerks, jamming of conductors, mechanical protection reduces the pressure on the mechanism chain, preventing its damage. Closed type bearings, which eliminates risk of impurity and does not require regular lubrication.
The body is made of galvanized steel and covered with powder paint. The rollers are made of solid steel.

The mechanism of the device ZZ-510-900 includes 9 rollers, which allow to draw wire and grounding tape of standard size with a smooth surface without excessive curves. The device is equipped with a special mechanism allowing to fill cable coils without preliminary reeling out. There are also holes in the base for fastening to any surface.
Material of the body frame- electrolytic galvanizing. Roller mechanisms - hidden rolling bearings.

The weight of both devices doesn't exceed 15 kg, which provides ease of transportation and use at the installation.



14,5 kg 12 kg
Length: 0,3 m 0,6 m
Width: 0,3 mm 0,2 mm
Height: 0,15 mm 0,2 mm
Number of rollers: 7 pcs 9 pcs
Wire diameter: 6-10 mm 6-10 mm
Tape dimensions: 20*3 - 45*4 mm 20*3 - 30*4 mm

Устройство для выпрямления ZZ-510-700

Straightening device ZZ-510-700

Устройство для выпрямления ZZ-510-900

Straightening device ZZ-510-900