Insulated holder of the conductor wire to the facade/roof

(made in Russia )

The ZZ-212-001 holder of the conductor wire has an optimal design, thanks to which it can be used both on the roof and on the facade of the protected building. The holder allows fixing the conductor wire of the lightning protection system at a safe distance of 750 mm from the object's surface, thereby electrical insulation of the external lightning protection is achieved. The insulating distance of 750 mm is observed due to the use of reinforced fiberglass tubes.

The clamp can be placed on the roof / facade of any type, for this you can select any suitable fittings. Conductor wires with a diameter of 8 mm are fixed by means of a plastic fastener placed on the holder.


Diameter of the conductor wire: 8 mm
Insulating distance: 750 mm


ZZ-212-001 Insulated clamp

ZZ-212-001holder of the conductor wire