The 11th event in the series "Grounding and lightning protection: issues and problems emerging during the design"

(the video lecture was held on December 8, 2015)


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Ten webinars with Prof. E.M. Bazelyan helped students find solutions to their pressing issues in the design of grounding and lightning protection. But even ten webinars are not enough to answer all the questions. So we've collected questions from designers into one list and invited Professor E. Bazelyan to answer them. Watch the lecture video!

Questions, answered by the professor:

  • How to make two separate ground contours at a limited area (20 to 20 m)?
  • A common ground contour for lightning protection and protective grounding is made, and a lightning strikes into the lightning rod. Will the lightning current go to the ground bus through the contour? What consequences can be expected? Will SPD help in this case somehow?
  • In accordance with paragraph 36 of Health Facilities Design Guidelines (a supplement to SNiP 2.08.02-89), a separate grounding device is required for a functional grounding of medical equipment (X-ray machines, etc.). How to keep the distance of 15 meters?
  • How to design lightning protection of a building with a gas pipe pipeline installed at the distance of 10 meters from it?
  • Are decorative lightning rods effective?
  • How to perform lightning protection for an open area where a crane is working?
  • Is it possible to use foundation on screw piles as a grounding system?
  • What happens if I install electrodes at the distance of less than 1 meter from the foundation, as it is indicated in IS 153-34 p.
  • What document allows the use of steel for the grounding of high-voltage installations?
  • How to protect a ground pipeline from lightning strikes? Do I need to install a free-standing lightning rod near a natural gas pipeline valve?


Useful materials for designers:

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