Webinar Titled "Parameters in Autodesk Revit. Details of Working with General Parameters"


was held on October 21, 2020

Работа с параметрами в Autodesk Revit (общие, проектный и т.д.) - Parameters in Autodesk Revit. Details of Working with General Parameters

Speaker: Kirill Ivanov, Facility Operation Project Manager, BIM Manager at Synergy Systems

Architect Engineer, 8 years of working with Autodesk Revit; leads a team of experts for the operation projects, engaged in the development of the corporate standard for information modelling.

The parameters characterize each object in the model thus turning a typical 3D model into an informational model. In the webinar, we will look into all parameter types in Autodesk Revit (family parameters, design parameters, general parameters). We will study the general parameter file in details and specifics of working with general parameters. We will study the Shared Parameters Element, what difficulties it causes and how to solve such difficulties.

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