Webinar of Professor E.M. Bazelyan Titled "Key Aspects of Practical Lightning Protection"


was held on March 10, 2021

Speaker: E. M. Bazelyan, Dr.Sc. (Eng.), professor; Krzhizhanovsky Energy Institute, Moscow

Measurements in the lightning protection are often very unusual. Their results allow predicting soon storms, assessing actual efficiency of grounding arrangements and resistance of the protected facilities to lightnings and continuing the research of the lightning itself.

What can we do when a roof of a high-rise building is used for recreational or technology purpose? To provide safety, an operational storm prevention system should be in place, which is capable of reacting not only to frontal but also to local storms, which are not predicted by a meteorological service. The system can be based on measurements of the strength of electrical field in the atmosphere or a crown current from a specially installed electrode. Want to know more?

The lightning protection design should be based upon actual data on lightning currents. There are only few such measurements, and nearly all of them are made in high-rise structures. This is not what designers who work with typical structures need. Are bulk lightning current measurements possible? For this, there is a suitable original development in Russia.

What can we do to measure the grounding resistance in urban or industrial areas where there is no proper place for current and potential electrodes? The situation gets even more complicated when you need to measure pulse parameters of the grounding arrangement.

But great news is that there are no hopeless situations.

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