ZANDZ single-use kit "ground rod + wire (with three taps)" type

Item numberы: ZZ-400-003-1425 / ZZ-400-003-1450 / ZZ-400-003-1725 / ZZ-400-003-1750

ZANDZ ready-made single-use kit is designed to make the connection of ground rods and wires (with two taps) using the exothermic welding.

One kit is enough for a single connection.

The kit includes:

  • single-use ceramic crucible - 1 pc.;
  • powder charge, two-component (main and starting charges) - 1 pc.;
  • steel disc - 1 pc.

The charge (the thermite powder) is a powder mixture consisting of:

  • A metal having a large oxidation heat value, such as aluminum, which is very active when combined with oxygen resulting in the easy recovery of other metals from oxides under certain conditions;
  • A second metal oxide with a small formation heat value (e.g., copper or iron oxide).

When the thermite burns down it forms a molten metal, which fills the parts to be welded and forms a welded connection.

Operating procedures

  1. Place the crucible on the ground rod;
  2. Insert the wires to be welded into the side holes of the crucible;
  3. Put the steel disc at the bottom of the crucible;
  4. Pour the main charge (from the cellophane packaging) into the crucible;
  5. Pour most of the starting charge (from the plastic flask) into the crucible as a second layer;
  6. Close the crucible lid;
  7. Pour the rest of the starting charge on the lid (in the upper hole part);
  8. Carefully ignite the charge with the special lighter;
  9. After the reaction is FULLY completed, break the ceramic crucible and clean the connection.
Welding. Installation instructions

Parts to be welded
Item number
ZANDZ WELDING Single-use kit "ground rod + wire (three taps)" type (D14; S25/D6) S25 mm wire2 / D6 mm + D14.2 mm rod ZZ-400-003-1425
ZANDZ WELDING Single-use kit "ground rod + wire (three taps)" type (D14; S50/D10) S50 mm wire2 / D10 mm+ D14.2 mm rod ZZ-400-003-1450
ZANDZ WELDING Single-use kit "ground rod + wire (three taps)" type (D17; S25/D6) S25 mm wire2 / D6 mm + D17.2 mm rod ZZ-400-003-1725
ZANDZ WELDING Single-use kit "ground rod + wire (three taps)" type (D17; S50/D10) S50 mm wire2 / D10 mm+ D17.2 mm rod ZZ-400-003-1750


ZZ-400-003-1425 - 1 800,00 Rub. (under the order)

ZZ-400-003-1450 - 285,00 Rub. (special price)

ZZ-400-003-1725 - 1 950,00 Rub. (under the order)

ZZ-400-003-1750 - 285,00 Rub. (special price)


One-off kit with one branch

* - A schematic representation of the welded connection is shown in the photo.

One-off set ZANDZOne-off kit ZANDZ
One-off set ZANDZ

* - The photo shows a sample kit. The actual appearance of the kit and its components may vary.

Accessories (not included)

You will need the following accessories for the exothermic welding:

  • special lighter to start the exothermic reaction;
  • lighter extender (optional);
  • protective heat-resistant mat (optional).

Item number
ZANDZ WELDING Lighter ZZ-440-201
ZANDZ WELDING Lighter extender ZZ-440-202
ZANDZ WELDING Heat-resistant mat ZZ-440-301


ZZ-440-201 - 680,00 Rub. (special price)

ZZ-440-202 - 4 480,00 Rub. (special price)

ZZ-440-301 - 1 450,00 Rub. (special price)


Lighter 1
Lighter 2
Extension 2
Extension 1

Personal protective gear (not included)

We also offer optional personal protective gear to ensure the safety of your works:

  • safety goggles;
  • protective heat resistant gloves.

Item number
ZANDZ WELDING Safety goggles ZZ-440-303
ZANDZ WELDING Heat-resistant gloves ZZ-440-302


ZZ-440-303 - 925,00 Rub. (special price)

ZZ-440-302 - 755,00 Rub. (special price)