Product item: LE-279-001

DP 2x8 36V / 36V is designed for the reliable protection of inputs/outputs of sensitive electronics and fire alarm systems. DP 2x8 36V/36V has two levels of surge protection. The device is capable of protecting 8 pairs of signal wires while featuring a small size (45x110x121mm).

Rated voltage of the circuit to be protected (DC), V
Product item
DP 2x8-36V/36V/GO
защищенная сторона вверху
36 LE-279-000
DP 2x8-36V/36V/GU
защищенная сторона внизу
36 LE-279-001


LE-279-000 -

В базе нет товара с артикулом: "LE-279-000"

LE-279-001 -

В базе нет товара с артикулом: "LE-279-001"

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