Product item: LE-240-039

SPDs for 1 pair of wires designed for installation in LSA (IDC) terminal block. The SPD is intended to protect instrumentation and control systems. A version capable of protecting 10 pairs of wires is also available.

  • Protective circuit for 1 pair of signal lines;
  • nominal discharge current 5 kA (8/20 microseconds);
  • test standard: IEC 61643-21 / EN 61643-21;
  • IEC/EN category: C1+C2.
Rated voltage of the circuit to be protected (DC), V
Product item
DP1 LSA 5V 5 LE-240-031
DP1 LSA 12V 12 LE-240-032
DP1 LSA 15V 15 LE-240-033
DP1 LSA 24V 24 LE-240-034
DP1 LSA 30V 30 LE-240-036
DP1 LSA 48V 48 LE-240-037
DP1 LSA 60V 60 LE-240-038
DP1 LSA 110V 110 LE-240-039

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