"Dissipation array system" for high-rise objects

The history of introducting "dissipation array system" into the practice of lightning protection can hardly be called smooth. The protective devices, patented in the end of the former century by Roy Carpenter, presented itself a complex construction. In the result, the application of this effective technolody was postponed for many years. Read about the history of "dissipation array system" and its application in the article by professor Eduard Meerovich Bazelyan!

E. M. Bazelyan

E. M. Bazelyan, D. Eng. S, Professor;
G. M. Krzyzanowski Power Engineering Institute, Moscow;
acknowledged Russian expert in grounding and lightning protection


Part 1

The severe critics form the side of the specialists on atmospheric electricity seemed quite justified. At the current of micro-amper level, the corona is not able to create a layer of a spacial charge, able to neutralize the lightning leader with the charge of several C, at the well-developed corona, the prickers stopped to function independently from each other and turned into the system, the current of which was not very different from the current of a single pricker. For this reason, the offered lightning protection system was initially acknowledged incapable.

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Part 2

Efficiency of "dissipation array system" is quantitavely fixed at the order of relation of contraction radius squares, counted for the device "dissipation array system" of the fixed construction and for the rod lightning rod of ordinary execution of the same height. The value obtained this way indicates the order of reduction of number of strikes into the object, covered by the "dissipation array system".

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