ZANDZ Inspection Well for Servicing (For All Soil Types)

Part number: ZZ-550-002

The inspection well is designed to provide a convenient access to the point of contact between grounding electrode (grounding rod) and grounding wire. The well is made of a robust freeze-resistant plastic material resistant to high mechanical strain and UV radiation. It can be installed into any soil types.

The Russian production makes the inspection well accessible and of high-quality. A beautiful appearance allows preserving elegance and aesthetic characteristics of a grounding arrangement.

The weight of the inspection well is 2.6 kg, which facilitates transportation and installation of the well during the installation of the grounding and lightning protection system. Service life is 30 years.

Weight: 2,6 kg
Length: 290 mm
Width: 240 mm
Height: 205 mm



Inspection well-2


Inspection well-1

Inspection well-6

Inspection well-8

Inspection well-7

Inspection well-4


Well sketchWell sketch

Dimension drawing Dimension drawing