Which earthing kit do customers recommend?


Dear readers! It is important and valuable for us to get feedback on our goods, so we are always glad to receive feedback from our buyers. We present to your attention a review on the kit of modular earthing ZZ-000-015.

This kit is known on the market as “omnipurpose” because it has found its application not only in the private sector – to earth a gas boiler or connect to lightning protection – but also at industrial facilities, telecommunication and power-generating sites (see sample solutions for large objects).

Our customer, Vasiliy Chernoburov, installed the above kit in his own house and personally tested its convenience.

Buyer’s feedback

— “I enjoyed working with the kit. The tips and heads of rods let me hammer 5 rods of 1.5 meters in length without trouble, which is basically enough for a small private house”.

Let us explain that the omni-purpose kit for modular earthing ZZ-000-015 comprises 10 rods made of copper-plated steel that can be installed as one deep 15-meter long electrode or as three 5-meter long electrodes: 4.5 + 4.5 +6. Owing to the high tensile strength, the rods can be hammered into the soil as deep as 40 meters!

— “Definitely, the ready-made kits are much more convenient and efficient than regular DIY options, which often require welding and which are very difficult to hammer into the ground. I had the experience of making earthing about 10 years ago, and since then I have been aware how difficult it is to hammer the metal angle-bars into the ground”.

Threaded rods are connected by twisting them, which makes it possible to assemble a shared electrode without extra welding. The special technology for applying a copper-plated layer on the thread guarantees the resistance to corrosion of this connection and an extended service life for the earthing.

— “My workmate and I managed to hammer in 5 rods in just 30 minutes”.

The efficiency and compact size of the kit makes it possible to considerably reduce both labor and time requirements.


Photo report from the installation site

In addition to the kit of modular earthing ZZ-000-015, Vasiliy purchased a copper-plated band to connect the earthing device with a copper wire leading to the distribution panel.


All connections were protected against corrosion with waterproofing tape (part of the delivery set).





— “I hope for the efficient and long-term service life of this earthing option. I recommend that everyone uses it!"

This material was drawn up based on a review written without compensation.

The “Earthing and lightning protection at ZANDZ.com” project expresses their gratitude to Chernoburov Vassily for his rating! Want to know more about earthing made of copper-plated steel? Read 3 useful articles in the below section.


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