We are happy to invite you to a webinar on the Zone lightning protection concept!

We are happy to invite you to the webinar on the Zone lightning protection concept!

The lecturer: Miroslav Zelenkevich, an expert on the combined lightning protection of buildings and the protection of devices and widespread electronic systems against electromagnetic impulses caused by lightning and President of the Center for Protection against Overvoltages and Electromagnetic Interference in Bialystok, Poland. Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), USA.
The webinar is : intended for designers, electricians, maintenance services professionals, builders, etc.
Cost: free!
Duration: 60 minutes.
Brief summary: A modern lightning protection system is intended not only to protect an object from a direct lightning strike, but it should also possess qualities that limit the indirect effects of lightning current on the facility. The most optimal way to solve this task is the Zonal Lightning Protection Concept, which was published in IEC 62305 - Protection against atmospheric electricity. The goal of the webinar is to increase familiarity with the ways that lightning current effects modern facilities and to look at of methods for dividing a facility into lightning protection zones (LPZ 0A, LPZ 0B, LPZ 1, LPZ 2 etc.).

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