New models of high-altitude rope lightning protection!


Dear customers! On our web site, new models of support poles with one node for fastening the wire rope have appeared in the section of wire-rope lightning protection. Their distinctive feature is the height of suspension, which is now available in 15 and 20 meter lengths. Such models will ideally fit into buildings of the container type or low-rise reservoirs with a small capacity.


cable moz.png

The support pole is fully made of galvanized steel with a base and flange for installation onto a part embedded in the foundation. The interception rod is connected to the earthing device thanks to a hatch in the bottom part of the support pole.

The support pole kit comprises:

  • a support made of galvanized steel;
  • a unit for fastening the wire-rope located at the top of the support;
  • anchored embedded part of the foundation.


The support pole is an important part of the wire-rope interception rod, because the probability of lightning breakthrough is directly dependent on the height the wire-rope interception rod is suspended above the ground surface. Use new models and choose the optimum protection in your projects!

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