How to select a thunderstorm protection device for a camera?


Selection of a lightning conductor device for the customer is an important stage of the sale, because that determines the integrity of the equipment being protected. How to not get lost in the variety of devices that protect against pulsed overvoltages and offer only reasonable solutions? Let’s determine the main criteria for selection of surge protectors on the example of a video surveillance system.

Task: Select a highly reliable lightning conductor device for a video surveillance system at a CHP plant. Power supply line 12V, signal line - a coaxial cable. The main criteria - fast actuation time.



So, how to start the selection?

First, in selecting devices for the protection of cameras it is necessary to determine all the lines through which an overvoltage pulse may pass. First of all, this is the channel for transmitting the signal: analogue – over a coaxial cable, or Ethernet – over a twisted pair. Depending on the transmission environment, the required configuration of the surge protector is selected, while the quantity depends on the length of the lines.

Secondly, the overvoltage pulse may arrive from the side of the power supply line. In this case, it is necessary to install an extra surge protector whose selection depends on the line voltage and the type of earthing system.

Answer: In compliance with the provided data, we offer the following devices:

All the surge protectors made by LEUTRON are of rapid action. The actuation time of these devices amounts to 2 nanoseconds.

Having ensured professional protection of your equipment, you will acquire the reputation of a skilled specialist. For a fast-acting solution, we also recommend using our guide on the selection of surge protectors. Do you have a question? Contact the Technical Center and we will help you protect your equipment against lightning!

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