How to ground machinery during refueling?


Dear friends, we would like to bring your attention to a new product from Hannay Reels – static earthing coils designed to remove static voltage when refueling or unloading flammable liquids. The principle of such coils is well-known all over the world and has found use in industrial, commercial and military equipment. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Operating principle

As petrol moves along a pipeline or rubs against the walls of a tank during transportation, the friction generates static electricity, which could cause a spark and following explosion if it discharges. The operating principle of earthing coils involves potential equalization by diverting an accumulated charge from the machine body into the ground.



HGR 50 and GR75 Models


The drums offered by Hannay Reels are designed for the reliable operation of aircraft, fuel tankers or elevators. In addition, they are used at chemical plants and in special rescue operations.


Coils are offered in two series:

  • GR - An economical solution that stands out because of its compact size and ease of use;

  • HGR - These devices offer a non-sparking gear mechanism with the option of replacing the drums, as well as additional optional models.


Overview diagrams of GR and HGR series devices

Advantages of static coils offered by Hannay Reels:

  • Uninterrupted operation with minimum wire-rope traction.
  • Disengageable unreeling lock and adjustable guiding lever with a cable.
  • Optional structure made of stainless steel from the HGR series.
  • Additional manual cable winding.


Please note that coils are not designed to protect against lightning and should be used for earthing only. Want to know more about the need for earthing? Contact our Technical Center for a consultation! Subscribe to our news updates on social media:

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