How to attract new customers?


Sooner or later, every business owner wonders how to attract more customers. How is possible to stand out from so many companies? You don't need huge budgets to get buyers of goods and services for earthing and lightning protection. It is enough to make good use of the free Service Order tool. By taking advantage of the features of the service, you will make your page informative and interesting for a potential client. Having made a positive impression, you will get the long-awaited order.

So, how can you increase sales with the Service Order tool?


Grounding and lightning protection on

  • Complete the Contacts section. Firstly, it is convenient. When visiting your page, a buyer will immediately get answers to a number of questions: operating hours, methods of payment, travel directions and so on. He will not have to call for every little thing and you will save time without such distractions. Secondly, it will attract local customers. In most cases, buyers from the provinces do not want to wait for delivery – they want to get the goods here and now.
  • Publish your works. Information on completed projects, be it a private house, school, hospital or airport, is incredibly persuasive. Real photos of installation stages have credibility with potential buyers.
  • Talk about your accomplishments. People want to buy goods and services from companies that have already proven themselves on the market. Publication of certificates, work authorization documents and letters of recommendation has a positive effect on the reputation and credibility of your company.
  • Expand your range of services. Performing related services will bring you an extra source of income. In addition to selling equipment, you can carry out installation, designing, measurement or expert evaluation works for grounding and lightning protection.

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