How does an SPD help?


Earlier this year, we held a seminar on the use of SPDs to limit overvoltages in low-voltage electrical circuits, where questions from designers on internal lightning protection were discussed in detail. All of them were quite expected, because modern regulatory documents do not contain any precise instructions on the practical application of SPDs. One of the most popular questions was about the role of SPDs in an electrical circuit.

Question: There is a common ground loop for lightning protection and protective earthing. Lightning strikes the lightning rod. The lightning current passes through the circuit and reaches the earthing bus. What consequences can that result in? How can an SPD help in this case?

Professor Eduard Meerovich Baselyan – a recognized expert in the field of earthing and lightning protection – helped to reveal the operating principle of SPD. Look for the answer in the video!

Do you still not know how to choose the right SPD for a facility? After all, it must be able to function in explosion-prone areas, in the presence of aggressive chemical agents or at high ambient pressures. Please contact the Technical Center and we will gladly help you to choose!

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