Dear colleagues, there is no need to explain how important it is to be able to correctly and quickly calculate the ground resistance. The designer is often faced with this work. In the book "Practical issues of lightning protection" М. Bazelyan wrote a whole chapter on the method of calculating grounding resistances. All the main issues seemed to be considered there. Part of the material from the book was later analyzed at webinars.

М. Bazelyan

Nevertheless, questions about the utilization of grounding electrodes continue to be considered by designers. We need to explain how these coefficients came from and how to use them in practical calculations. To the professor’s mind, the appearance of utilization factors is associated with a very gross miscalculation in the methodology for calculating ground resistance. The way chosen there goes nowhere and the sooner the specialist leaves it, the easier its production life will become.

Where were the utilization factors born, is the calculation of grounding resistance different from the calculation of the electric field, where can the linear densities of leakage currents come from? For these and other nuances of calculating grounding resistance, refer to the article by E. М. Bazelian “Ground resistance calculation is almost simple”.