Digest of key events in 2016 by ZANDZ


New Year's eve is a remarkable time. We all anxiously wait for gifts, food and drinks, parties with friends and cheerful winter holidays. As usual, prior to the New Year holidays is just the right time to tot up all the pluses of the past year and share our plans for the forthcoming year. In 2016, the “Earthing and lightning protection at ZANDZ.com” project was full of bright events to which many of you were active contributors.

Specially for you, we have prepared a compilation of the most interesting news items, articles and projects of the year. Let’s recall what it was like.


Hot novelty

In the ZANDZ.com catalog, a few bright novelties have emerged, a main one being high-rise wire-rope lightning protection. This domestically produced system offers a unique technology for protection against lightning. The function of an interception rod in it is performed by a wire-rope overhung on special supports above the object being protected. The high-altitude rope lightning protection system offers a large increase in the reliability of lightning protection and reduces the number of lightning breakthroughs to objects. With the right layout of support poles, it minimizes secondary impacts of lightning on the object.


How to save on electrical energy?

One of the most memorable of our tutorial webinars was the series "Improving quality and energy saving". We devoted it to problems in electrical mains supplies that increase power consumption and reduce overall efficiency, as well as methods for solving these problems in the oil, gas and industrial sectors at residential and domestic facilities. The lecturer is Sergey Anatolyevich Karatygin, Doctor of Technical Sciences, academician of the International Academy of System Studies (IASS) and associated professor of the Electrical Engineering department at the National Research University. For those who were unable to attend the workshops, videos are available.


New “Album of standard solutions”

The long-anticipated release of the updated version of the "Album of standard solutions. The annex to the methodology for the calculation of earthing devices and lightning protection (kit of drawings)» has come into being! In the annex, new standard solutions have been addedfor surge protection devices , high-altitute wire-rope lightning protection and standalone interception rods. The document also contains a table for calculating standard structures of earthing devices depending on the value of specific electrical resistance for soils of various types. You can download the updated version of the “Album of standard solutions” in PDF and DWG formats here.


First informal meeting with the Experts

In the past year, we held our first informal meeting with members of the ZANDZ Club of Experts in Novosibirsk. The party was a pleasant surprise for participants with interesting talks, informal discussions, a cultural and educational program, and a friendly meal.


5th Russian conference on lightning protection

One of the major events of the year for us was the participation of the “Earthing and lightning protection at ZANDZ.com” project in the Russian Conference for lightning protection. The event was held in May 2016 in St.Petersburg. It illustrates scientific activities to research lightning, as well as modern facilities for protecting against lightning strikes on objects of various purpose. The report “Use of systems for insulation from lightning strikes in high-rise objects” was presented by Dmitry Krasnoborov, a specialist at the ZANDZ Technical Center.


Article by Professor Eduard Meerovich Bazelyan

Passenger aviation is firmly rooted in our lives. Every day hundreds of passenger planes take off into the sky. They are ready to take people and their luggage anywhere in the world. At the same time, aircraft are regularly subject to lightning strikes. What hazard does lightning pose to an aircraft and how to protect against it? Which factors determine the probability of a lightning strike onto a flying vehicle? How to record the danger of a thunderstorm and avoid the direct impact of lightning? Find answers to this and many other questions in the new article by Professor Eduard Meerovich Bazelyan - "Lightning protection of aircraft".


The "ZANDZ and you – earthing partners! ZANDZ earthing is better!" Competition

The “Earthing and lightning protection at ZANDZ.com” project has held a contest among the Experts of the ZANDZ.com Club for the best photo report on the assemblage of earthing or lightning protection. The conditions of the competition require the participant to perform assemblage of earthing or lightning protection at any facility and publish it in the “Works” section of the Member Area. The winners were granted prizes — certificates of 10000, 5000 or 3000 roubles for purchasing earthing made of copper-plated steel in the www.zandz.com Internet shop. Look at the names of the prize-winners and a photo report of the awards ceremony that was held at our Moscow office here.


New communities in social networks

Socializing has become easier! The “Earthing and lightning protection at ZANDZ.com” project has now got channels in the messengers Telegram and Viber. Interesting new products, event announcements and facts about lightning protection and earthing are now part of the applications in your smartphone. Sign up to our channels! Apart from these popular messaging services, ask questions and share your ideas on earthing and lightning protection through our groups in VKontakte, Facebook and Instagram. Post photos of your engineering projects, assembly works and equipment using the hash-tag #ZANDZ. Join us!


Dear friends! The staff at the “Earthing and lightning protection at ZANDZ.com” project wishes you a happy New Year! Happy holidays, good health and success! We are looking forward to seeing you in 2017!



С Новым Годом! - Happy New Year!

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