Awarding the winners of the "ZANDZ and you - earthing partners! ZANDZ earthing is better!" Competition


Awarding of the winners in the contest for the best photo report on the assemblage of earthing and lightning protection among Experts in the Club. We would like to remind you that the winners were selected based on the description of assemblage, as well as the quality and quantity of published photos. We invited all the prize-winners to our Moscow office for the official awards ceremony, and we sent personal named electronic certificates to those who were unable to come.


Results of the first stage:


Results of stage two:


The director of EcoAsk, Kosarev Sergey Vladimirovich, and the director of NGN Group, Tolstopyatov Sergey Alekseyevich, were able to come to meet us.


Video footage of the awards ceremony


Meeting with Club Experts


The winner who took first place was the company EcoAsk fromMoscow, which carried out the assemblage of a earthing loop for a guest house in the town of Balashikha and sent a photo report about it. Watch the work.


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Sergey Vladimirovich was one of the first participants of the contest and immediately made a great impression by having published a great number of works.

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This is what Sergey Vladimirovich said about his work: originally, the customer wanted to install the loop and hammer the angle-bars himself, but having phoned the company he changed his mind and decided to buy a kit made of stainless steel and entrusted them with the installation job. The assemblage work was complicated by the fact that the perimeter path and facade had already been repaired, so a hole for the band and wire had to be carefully cut out. But it was worth it, because EcoAsk company was thanked for its fast work by the customer and given a certificate for 10,000 rubles to buy earthing

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Tolstopyatov Sergey Alekseevich — director of NGN Group – has long been a partner of ZANDZ and even acted as a lecturer in the series of webinars "On the assemblage of earthing and lightning protection in simple words". Yet again he shared his expeience in operating products made by ZANDZ and talked about the remarkable assembly process. Watch the work.


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  • Sergey Alekseevich, my congratulations on your victory! Your work published in the Member Area attracted us with its extremely detailed description. Could you please tell what sort of a property it was? What was the task and the conditions?
  • It was a private house. The task was to install earthing. As the customer said, the soil spread at the site was good and there was also a gas boiler in the house.


  • Which decision was made regarding the method of earthing?
  • Judging by the customer's words stating that the soil was made of clay / loam, the engineers thought two 6 meter standard kits would suffice. They planned to mount them at one point.


  • Sergey Alekseevich, please specify – what went wrong
  • Actually, the soil at the site was sand. The first rod showed 230 Ohm resistance, and we kept on working like that up to the 6th rod, which gave the figure 30 Ohm at the depth of 9 meters, which I was happy about. The 7th rod showed 22 Ohm. I decided to go back 10 meters and install a second rod, hoping to get the total readings below 10 Ohm. The second point turned out to be much worse. At the first rod, I got 230 Ohm, at the 6th - 42 Ohm, and at the 7th one showed 23 Ohm. In the total, both the rods showed 15 Ohm. Hammering one rod at a time, I saw good dynamics from each one, but the total dynamics were poor. In the end, having hammered 10 rods at each point, I got 12.6 Ohm at one and 13.2 Ohm at the other. From my previous experience, with such readings of each separately, they should totally show something around 7 Ohm together. But in fact they showed 11.2 Ohm.


Certificate from ZANDZ.jpg


Sergey Alekseevich gave advice to his colleagues on what to do in such situations: find out from the video clip of the interview.

We thank our partners for their active participation in the contest and valuable feedback about grounding and lightning protection systems by ZANDZ and GALMAR!

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