ZANDZ products at the exhibition "Building a house"

May 15, 2017

On 25 to 26 March 2017, a special building exhibition "Building a House" took place in Saint Petersburg. This is one of the largest specialized exposition in Northwestern Russia combining more than 200 leading building companies. Within the framework of the exhibition programme, workshops, presentations of the companies, round tables, lotteries, etc. were held for the visitors. The aim of the event included demonstration for all who wish to use advanced building technologies, finishing and roof materials, engineering systems, new trends in the interior design as well as goods and services for house repair and refurbishing.

The modern solutions for the electrical safety of the house included ZANDZ lightning protection and grounding. Our partner, the head of the FulmenPRO company, Vladimir Zhosanov, has demonstrated samples of components for the ZANDZ lightning protection and grounding system and reported on the following subject: "Lightning is DANGEROUS. Fundamentals of Lightning Protection and Grounding for a Single-Family House.


ZANDZ and GALMAR components for lightning protection.png
ZANDZ and GALMAR components for lightning protection


During the report, Vladimir told about the effects of the direct lightning strike, its secondary effects, the probability of the lightning strike to the facility and modern systems for the protection of the house against lightnings. The major part of the lecture was dedicated to the review of the entire set of lightning protection means including external lightning protection system, arrangement of protection against secondary lightning effects and ground terminals providing current dissipation into the ground. Moreover, Vladimir described factors affecting the lightning protection work accuracy and told about which skills are required to install the system on your own.

Vladimir Zhosanov, the head of FulmenPRO.png
Vladimir Zhosanov, the head of FulmenPRO.


"Our company is specialized in the provision of lightning protection and grounding services for the real estate of natural and legal entities. Significant work experience and knowledge in the area allow our specialists to promptly solve the issues and provide a guarantee for all work performed. The components of the ZANDZ lightning protection and grounding systems are characterized by high copper-plating quality and easily interconnected elements, so the installation process occurs faster. We are certain in the quality of materials and provide a guarantee for the performance of work for 30 years", - comments Vladimir Zhosanov.


Demonstration of the ZANDZ modular grounding system.png Photo from exhibition6.png
Demonstration of the ZANDZ modular grounding system

If you plan to buy/build/refurbish a country house or a land plot, the next "Building a House" exhibition will take place in the autumn of 2017.


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