What is the interior structure of wind-powered generators?


Lightning protection is an integral part of a wind farm; the need for it is determined by the risks when it comes to personnel safety. If the risks are within the acceptable limits for humans, then the need for the lightning protection of wind power generators is determined by the estimation of the economic costs. The cost of a lightning protection system and material damage from a potential lightning strike are compared.

The dimensions of a wind generator are determined by its power. This may be a generator that is installed on the roof of a single-family house with a capacity of less than 1 kW, or it could be a large generator up to 198 meters high with a capacity of 7.5 MW, which is enough to provide electricity to a small town. Thus, maintenance and protection methods may differ significantly. Nevertheless, wind-electric plants are high-rise structures that are often subject to direct lightning strikes, so the lightning protection of a wind plant is mandatory in most cases! For details on the interior structure of a wind-powered generator, read our article!


What is the interior structure of wind-powered generators

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