Two aircrafts were hit by lightning flying up to Moscow


Lightning protection of aircraft

On June 29, close to the Vnukovo Airport, a passenger Boeing jet flying from Astrakhan received a direct lightning strike. The same day, an Airbus jumbo jet flying from Prague to Sheremetevo also received a powerful air discharge. The pilots could successfully land both planes. During the inspection, onboard services found several melted rivets on the fuselage of one of them. Another jet received minor damage to stabilizers.

Direct lightning strikes to the jet are rather frequent: on average, they happen every 2,000-3,000 flying hours. Fortunately, such strikes do not cause any significant danger for humans or equipment. What is the secret of lightning safety of modern planes? Read the article titled "Lightning Protection of the Planes" where Professor Eduard Meerovich Bazelyan answers this question in details.


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