Resistance measurement protocol from the facility of the Olympic Games 2014!

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July 13, 2016

In 2012, the Knowledge Center took part in the development of technical documents and supply of grounding systems for the infrastructural facilities during the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. There were over 150 Olympic facilities. OJSC "SKERK" was the contractor specializing in the construction of grounding arrangements in complex soil layers. Previously, in its work, the contractor used carbon steel rolled products, but after studying the provided documents on the ZANDZ products, it made a decision on using copper-plated rods. We would like to show you a report for a facility, i.e. a protocol for grounding arrangement resistance measurement.

The grounded facility was represented by BKTP 6 which is a modular integrated transformer substation located in the Imereti lowland. To create the grounding circuit, they needed 16 x 1.5 m electrodes made of copper-plated steel, with the diameter of 17.2 mm. Grounding arrangements are installed at the depth of 7.5 meters with spacing of 20 meters from each other. A steel bar located at the depth of 0.7 meter was used to connect rods.


исполнительная схема.jpg
As-built drawing of the external grounding circuit

Vertical copper-plated grounding arrangements were connected to the grounding bar using bolting clamps, and the horizontal bus was connected by welding with overlap. A requirement was applied to the grounding arrangement for electrical installations with the voltage up to and over 1 kV, which according to item 1.8.39 of the EIC states that the dissipation resistivity should not exceed 4 Ohm*m. After the measurement using an instrument SEW 1820 ER, a resistance value of 2.4 Ohm was recorded, which conforms to the set requirements.


фрагмент протокола.jpg
Protocol for grounding arrangement resistance measurement

The documents provided above show the conformance of the ZANDZ and GALMAR products with the common regulations and rules for the grounding arrangements for electrical installations. The provided design confirms that we can successfully use conventional carbon steel instead of copper-plated steel. Read here for a detailed feedback of OJSC SKERK on the advantages of copper-plated rods instead to previously used carbon steel. Write your opinion on the ZANDZ and GALMAR products!

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