New product: ready-made kits for single-family house lightning protection!

May 02, 2017

The Grounding and Lightning Protection project announces a unique product: ready-made sets for lightning protection of a single-family house. The sets contain all necessary components which allow creating an efficient lightning protection for the most popular configurations of single-family houses. The simple and convenient solution is intended to provide a reliable protection for a house against direct lightning strike and possible material damage.

Model range.jpg


The model range includes 4 set types:

The sets consist of three major components of the external lightning protection system: lightning rods, current collectors, and a grounding arrangement. The lightning rods are conventional 2 and 4 m lightning rods made of stainless steel. Due to corrosion-resistant material, they provide a long service life, high mechanical strength, and resistance to lightning currents. Copper-plated conductors with the coating thickness at least 70 mcm are used as current collectors. This allows maintaining anti-corrosion properties, i.e. an excellent appearance within 30 years. Electrodes made of copper-plated steel are used as a grounding arrangement. The installation of such grounding arrangement does not require welding or special tools which prevents the excessive labour costs and increases its service life to 100 years.


Advantages of ready-made sets:

  • Provide lightning protection for a house in strict compliance with the effective regulations;
  • Efficiency of each set is proved by calculation using a unique lightning protection reliability calculation servicedeveloped by ZANDZ team in cooperation with OJSC Krzhizhanovsky Energy Institute (OJSC ENIN);
  • The set contains all necessary parts to install the external lightning protection system;
  • All elements are simple and user friendly;
  • A datasheet is attached to each set stating all technical specifications of the system together with the installation guide;
  • All components are made of high-quality materials, durable and aesthetic.


Ready-made sets of lightning protection are ONLY applicable to the specified configurations of single-family houses. Their number was calculated considering geometry and roof complexity, its material, wall height and ridge as well as the availability of chimneys. If required, the set composition can be supplemented at your request.


All new products are available for ordering. Send your questions for ready-made lightning protection sets! The ZANDZ technical specialists will be happy to answer them.

Note that the ZANDZ Technical Center does not longer process requests for the designs for lightning protection systems for single-family houses. If, for any reason, the ready-made sets are not suitable for you, you can choose and buy the equipment suitable for your house. For your convenience, our website contains much useful and available information for the arrangement of external lightning protection system.



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