Can a gas pipe intersect the earthing rod?

Connecting a gas pipeline to a residential house is not an easy task. One of the prerequisites for that is implementation of earthing for the gas boiler, which will be the primary means to protect people against electrical shock and will also ensure stable operation of the equipment. In relation to this, questions often come up on the assemblage of earthing in the presence of a gas pipeline. In order to clarify this topic once again, we are reviewing a real-life project of our reader, which depicts the layout of the earthing device on site. Apart from the earthing, the diagram depicts the existing and a future gas pipeline, a electricity transmission line with the assumed place of a meter, as well as the designated boundaries and dimensions of the site.

Question: Help with the installation of earthing is needed. The layout diagram is represented below. Can I install an earthing loop for a residential house being built in this place? (highlighted in green) Can a gas pipeline, if it happens to be laid underground, intersect the earthing rod? If not, please advise the best place to install the earthing loop.

Can a gas pipe intersect the earthing rod?
Layout diagram

Место установки газового котла

Place of gas boiler installation



Предполагаемый газопровод (как он будет проведен – воздушный или подземный – не знаю, если подземный – то какое расстояние у него будет от фундамента дома тоже не знаю)

Future gas pipeline (don’t know what type it will be – underground or above the ground; in case it will be underground one, also don’t know what distance it will be laid on from the basement of the building)

Предполагаемое место установки электросчетчика

Future place of electricity supply meter installation




Газопровод существующий (подземный)

Existing gas pipeline (underground)

Линия электропередач

Power line

Границы участка

Lot limits

Предполагаемая линия электропередач к дому

Future power line to the building

Yes, it is possible to install an earthing device at the shown point. Earthing rods, when intersected by cables and pipeline, should be laid at a distance at least 0.1 meters. If there is not enoughspace for an earthing device, you should pay attention to the kit "Earthing in a private house" by ZANDZ ZZ-6, which is mounted at one point. There are no special requirements for the structure of the earthing device for a gas boiler, but there are requirements for the earthing resistance – it should be no more than 10 Ohm. Regulated by PUE-7, par.1.7.103.

A schematic layout diagram helps to visually determine the place and method of earthing. Get more information on the earthing of a gas boiler here. If you have any more questions, call our Technical Center and we will gladly help you!

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