Our today's world requires high pace. You should learn new things quickly, make decisions and get results. In this environment, it is essential to spend your personal time as efficiently as possible.

We offer a selection of short and informative videos from the past webinars specially for you. Each video takes less than one minute of time and contains a short question and an answer. This format is perfectly supported by a video hosting service YOUTUBE in the Shorts section. We were glad to use it.

A hero of this selection is Prof. Eduard M. Bazelyan, a world renowned expert in lightning protection and grounding. Watch the most popular shorts on this page!

Can we use a building structure for lightning protection?

Can we use a foundation based on crew piles as an earthing device?

Can we use carbon steel for grounding circuit?

How to make the lightning protection for an open area wherein a lifting crane sometimes operates?

Can we attach a lightning grid using plastic holders?

When should be protect ventilation metal pipes on the roof?

Are the decorative lightning arresters efficient?

How much time the grounding resistance is increased upon soil freezing?

Opinion of Prof. E.M. Bazelyan on active lightning protection

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