Don't Think That Fencing May Protect You From Lightnings!

There are many videos over the Internet showing that the lightning may strike the metal fencing!

Just watch! The first video shows a discharge to the steel fencing near a single-family house. The lightning strike caused sparking in the fencing section connections. This is a dangerous fire show capable of igniting dry grass or firewood. You cannot hide behind the fencing.

The second video shows a truck wagon that has got a direct strike to the body! Even headlamps have worked from the lightning! But the lightning transferred to the metal fencing and caused several flashes. A bypasser may remember an attempt to open the door in the fencing for his/her entire life.

What a great view when the lightning discharge flows along the electric fencing. The third video showed that, after the strike, the electric fence simply dissappeared. This is a wonderful performance, however, if you're watching it from a great distance and have your legs are close to each other on the ground.

Dear friends! If you have other videos confirming the lightning's "love" for fencings, or if you have witnessed an unexplained lightning behaviour, send a message via WhatsApp or e-mail

We hope you smiled a little bit while reading the article 🙂

But if you need lightning protection and grounding for your facility, contact the ZANDZ Technical Center. We make calculations free of charge. No joking!

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