Packing features of lightning protection foundation masts

The durability of the operation of masts depends on many characteristics. Important are not only the correct calculation of its design, correctly taking into account the region of future operation, but also the high quality of the protective coating of the product.

Incorrect transportation of lightning protection masts can destroy all the work of designers, metalworkers, process engineers and other people who put their efforts into its production. That is why reliable packaging is one of the most important indicators responsible for the integrity and preservation of the quality characteristics of foundation masts during their transportation.

For standard road transport, the masts do not require packaging/battens. Reliable fixing of masts with tie-down straps and installation of fixing beams where necessary, avoids damage to the structure and protective coating of the masts. When stacking, wooden beams are laid between the tiers.


Since the product itself implies outdoor use, no packaging is required to protect it from external atmospheric manifestations. If necessary, the crate of the masts is possible. Requirements for packaging during transportation are regulated by GOST 15846-2002 clause 3.11, according to which:

3.11 Equipment and machines operated outdoors, as well as dismantled units and parts, the design of which ensures their protection from the effects of the external environment, are supplied unpacked with partial protection against mechanical damage and corrosion of treated surfaces, threaded and other mating joints, holes, flange surfaces , protruding and critical parts and mechanisms.

Options are available both with a minimum crate (protective beams are installed only at the beginning and end of the sections), and with a crate for the entire length of the load.


A more careful approach to such products requires container transportation. Placement and fastening of masts is individually designed for each shipment. The crate should securely fix the sections and related mast equipment inside the container volume. The package design looks like this:

Contact the ZANDZ Technical Center for lightning protection calculation using foundation masts. We will perform calculations taking into account all the features and wishes to achieve the best result.


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