Video of Webinar "How to Make a Very Bad Lightning Protection?"


The practical lightning protection has been existing for almost three centuries. During this time, reliable means and methods for protection against direct lightning strikes and hazardous effects of electromagnetic field have been selected and successfully tested. The engineers have obtained only the best tools. Then, what is this planned webinar about? Surely, this is not about what has been discarded during the operations experience. We are not going to present another criticism for active lightning protection although it probably could have been useful. We are talking about reliable protection means used by an unsavvy designer in other way than they were intended for.

Everybody knows that benefits of the electrical plug have been checked for centuries of its household use. But it can hardly be that someone will try to eat a soup made of sauerkraut and dried porcini mushrooms using a fork. However, it often happens in the lightning protection. High-rise lightning arresters and lightning grids, isolated lightning rods and standalone lightning arresters are used in unsuitable conditions. The result is quite tragic.

The webinar material contains a review of typical unjustified solutions and recommendations about how to avoid these errors in designing lightning protection.

Watch the details in the video!