Choosing a protection device against surge overvoltage can be confusing, as there are a lot of them Manufacturers offer thousands of devices, and it is an issue to understand which one you need. helps you understand!

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Link: Principles of choosing surge arresters in low-voltage electric power lines illustrated by some devices

This article includes the most important facts you need to know about SPDs. It describes the existing regulations concerning the SPDs, their classification, and typical solutions. If you are looking for hints and tips on choosing the SPD, this article is what you need. A short table of contents is given below:

  1. Main principles of selection, allocation and assembly of surge arresters
  2. Arresters protecting from the impact of partial lightning current
  3. Surge arresters, class II
  4. Surge arresters, class III
  5. Reference book on basic parameters and types of surge arresters illustrated by LEUTRON hardware components
  6. Typical solutions for multi-level surge protection systems

All you need to know about SPDs!

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