Electrical Strength of an Insulated Current Collector

Electrical strength of the insulated current collector

We are going to talk about the electrical strength of insulation. This time, our task seems to be much more challenging. Surely, the current collector as well as the lightning arrester may be placed on insulation supports by moving it for a safe distance from metal structures of the protected building. It is hard to imagine that any user will like this solution, but still, the main task will be solved. Only an issue of the current collector insulation in the locations available for touching will remain. Now, it is time to come back to insulated current collectors. They are produced by many companies providing hard insulation with the breaking voltage of about 100 kV. Is it high or low? The figure requires a specific evaluation.

Read article by prof. E.M. Bazelyan Actual Issues of Insulated Lightning Protection for more details.

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