The ZANDZ project continues thecycle of training activities.

On 27 February at 11:00 (Moscow time) we will hold the webinar "Peculiarities of lightning protection in mountainous region".

Вебинар по особенностям молниезащиты в горной местности

Peculiarities of lightning protection in mountainous region have long time ago disappeared from national regulatory documents without any explanation. Of course, Pamir and Tien Shan became a foreign territory, but the rest is still enough. Even small hills and not very deep clefs influence the operation of lightning rods significantly. This influence must be reflected in the design method. Practical experience is quite sufficient and it should be used effectively. There are theoretical elaborations as well. The only pity is that their practically significant results are unknown to designers.

The situation with lightning currents is even worse. It was supposed that lightning currents in mountainous regions is twice less than on the plain. The argumentation of this hypothesis was not discussed. Today SIGRE doesn't consider the height of location in the data about lightning currents. There is something to think about, especially that after the currents there arise problems of height of lightning orientation and their contraction radii. We cannot ignore these problems. Of course, we can't solve them at once, but with correct high-quality estimations, it is possible to guarantee the protection reliability by the introduction of the reasinable assurance coefficients. In any case, it is better than nothing.

Finally, mountainous regions are almost obligatory high-ohmic grounds and that is why, the problem of high-quality grounding almost always arises. Its solution is strictly required.

You can learn more about design nuances of lightning protection in mountainous region during our webinar.

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