50% discount for copper-bonded steel GALMAR wire

The project ZANDZ.com announces the launch of an unprecedented promotional action - sale of copper bonded steel wire GALMAR (D10 mm; coil 50 meters) with a 50% discount! For the purchase, tell the manager the special article GL-11150-50-promotional action. The quantity of goods is limited - 50 coils. Goods with the article GL-11150-50—promotional action is a complete analogue of GL-11150-50, which is distributed in limited quantities at a special price.

The copper-plated with GALMAR GL-11150-50-promotional action is made of rolled steel with an electrolytically applied copper coating with a purity of 99.9% and a thickness of at least 0.070 mm, constituting a molecular and non-breaking connection with steel. A wire with a diameter of 10 mm (cross-sectional area of ​​80 mm²) is used as a grounding conductor. Commonly used stainless steel clamps (for example, GL-10332N or GL-11551A) are used to connect to each other and to connect to ground electrodes.

Hurry up to get the wire GALMAR GL-11150-50-promotional action at a very reasonable price!