The main element of the grounding kit for a single-family house (6 meters) ZANDZ ZZ-6

Dear friends! We've been long time producing grounding kits for single family houses ZANDZ ZZ-6. Its development was an important and responsible mission for us. Excellent quality of the kit is our priority.

The main element of the kit - ground rods from the European manufacturer with a 50-years-experience- GALMAR.  Specially chosen steel with highly mechanic characteristics is used when producing rods (high tearing/compression strength). Electrolytic deposition at the production of rods with the use of ultra-modern technologies provides the durable copper coating for reliable and many-year protection from corrosion. Grounding durability- 100 years!

Elaborated connectivity node of rods is specially developed for the installation of rods with a manual striking tool. The technology of hot forging is used at the manufacture of rods, which doesn't damage the protective coating of the copper bonding, which at the same time provides high accuracy of rods manufacture and mechanical durability of the connectivity node. Insert joint will allow simplifying the process of ground electrode installation with a manual striking tool. Besides, typical problems of coupling connection at the installation with the help of a sledge-hammer, like damage of coupling and protecting coating of thread on ground rods, are avoided.

The technology of producing grounding rods includes an obligatory quality check of every product unit (thickness control, plasticity and adhesion increase of the copper coating). To exclude flaws, we carry out our own incoming quality control of products arriving to the warehouse. No flaws!

You can learn more about the kit visiting our page ZZ-6 on our site. You can buy it on the site

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