Vertical lightning rod 25-35 meters

Product item: ZZ-201-025 / ZZ-201-035

Lightning rod is a metal construction, directly perceiving the lightning strike, taking it away from structures located in the protection zone.

This page lists freestanding lightning rods ZANDZ 25 m and 35 high:

  • ZZ-201-025 - 25 meters
  • ZZ-201-035 - 35 meters

Lightning rod is designed for installation in I-III wind areas. It is possible to develop the design of a lightning rod, designed for increased wind loads upon request (IV - VII areas).

The supply package includes:

  • sectional lightning rod of faceted galvanized steel, 25 or 35 meters high;
  • Embedded elements under the foundation.


  • on concrete flanged embedded parts of the foundation;
  • foundation parameters are determined by the calculation and depend on the area of operation of supports and soil parameters;

Bottom design:

The support shunk is made of steel sheet 3-4 mm thick, 8-faced, conical. The support shank has flange in the bottom part for fixation with the foundation. In the bottom part of the support there is a hatch that provides access to the place of the grounding device connection. The hatch is closed with a cover, excluding insertion of precipitation and unauthorized entry.

Height (H): 25000 mm (25 m) 35000 mm (35 m)
Material of the body frame: Sheet steel Sheet steel
Coating: Hot zinc Hot zinc
Installation wind area: I-III I-III


  • production - The Russian Federation;
  • long service life;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • high corrosion resistance of the coating (the coating is applied by hot-dip galvanizing in accordance with GOST 9.307-89);
  • possible combination with lighting fixtures;
  • the mast is equipped with the hatch to connect the grounding device;
  • lack of guy ropes;
  • ease of assembly and installation of the mast;
  • The set includes embedded parts under the foundation and all necessary fasteners.


ZZ-201-025 - 560 000,00 Rub. (under the order)
ZZ-201-035 - 614 400,00 Rub. (under the order)



Vertical lightning receiver mast ZANDZ


Vertical lightning receiver mast ZANDZ