The square clamp for the connection of cables and round conductors (brass / bronze)

Product item: GL-11959

The square clamp allows you to connect round conductors and cables with each other (including down conductors) with cross- section from 35 to 95 mm². Possible connections: straight, crossed, angular and T-shaped.

Cross-section of the conductor: 35-50 mm² 70-95 mm²
Weight: 0,45 kg 0,45 kg
Length: 80 mm 80 mm
Width: 80 mm 80 mm
Height: 50 mm 50 m

Price - 470,90 rbl. (upon request)
Price - 510,50 rbl. (upon request)

From June 1 to December 31, 2016 with the purchase of copper-bonded modular grounding from 10 000 rubles get free delivery!
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